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The recall election will not cost taxpayers $200,000, as some are attempting to mislead District 51 families. The recall election will fall within the timing of this November's scheduled General Election and will thus not require a special election.

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District 51 parents know what our kids are worth.

We put our kids' education first and protect them

from outside agendas.

We deserve School Board leadership with competence,

integrity, and transparency.

We want our hard-earned tax dollars to be spent wisely.

When our trust is betrayed,

we stand up for our kids.

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Andrea Haitz was elected to the District 51 Board

in 2021, promising transparency.

Instead, Haitz has turned local control of school dollars

over to extremist organizations,

turned fundamental parts of her job over

to expensive lawyers,

denied student pleas for mental health services,

and used her office for family political gain.

The biggest decisions at District 51

are now being turned over to outside interests

and fringe extremists who don't

represent Mesa County families.


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You can drop by Lincoln Park between 10:30AM and 12:30PM any day to

meet with our volunteers

and Sign for D51 Kids!

District 51 parents are organizing a recall

of Andrea Haitz to end this harmful chapter

and get our community back on track.

Mesa County residents can sign the petition

to support a recall election this Fall.

The election would give voters the choice

of replacing Haitz with a beloved

bi-partisan local schools leader, Darren Cook.

The recall election will take place during

the regularly scheduled Fall School Board election,

avoiding additional cost to taxpayers.

Petition signatures are not made public

- just like your vote.


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Darren Cook has been a member of the D51 family since he started first grade at Nisley Elementary School in 1977.


After he returned from seeking a degree in accounting at CU-Boulder, he started a business investing in and managing residential and commercial real estate, which continues to this day. Knowing he hadn’t found his calling, he returned to school to be a teacher. It was the best decision he ever made.


Since then, he has dedicated his adult life to strengthening our community by advocating for quality public schools. He was chosen as D51’s Educator of the Year in 2004, was selected to represent teachers for negotiations with our Board of Education for seventeen years, and led a sixth-grade social studies class in a real-life civics experiment that resulted in a city ordinance banning smoking in public places.


Darren served as the Mesa Valley Education Association president, on the Colorado Education Association’s Board of Directors, and served as an instructional coach (a teacher of teachers) for our district. 


He believes quality public schools are the backbone of a strong democracy and a strong economy - and that attracting and retaining high quality, passionate, and dedicated teachers are the first priority of a District 51 School Board leader.

If the recall petition is successful, voters would have a chance to vote during the regular General Election this Fall on replacing Andrea Haitz with Darren Cook.

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